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Temp Mail offers free, disposable, and secure temporary email addresses to protect your real mailbox from spam, ads, hacking, and unwanted robot attacks. Use TM-Mail service to keep your inbox clean and secure.


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Temp Mail FAQ

Here are some answers to your common queries.

  • Temp mail is a temporary, disposable email address that can be used for online sign-ups, registrations, and other activities where you do not want to use your personal email address.

  • Temp mail generates a unique email address that can be used for a limited time. Any emails received at this address can be forwarded to a personal inbox, or the temp mail address can be disposed of after use.

  • Temp mail is useful for protecting your personal email address from spam, scams, and unwanted email. It can also be used to keep your personal email address private during online sign-ups and other activities.

  • The duration of a temp mail address is generally 3 days and it can vary depending on maintenance time. Since this is temporary mail service it can not store mail for long time. But we are offering you some premium features for free. For this reason you may enjoy 3 days duration. But you can recover the mail address only at any time.

  • No, temp mail is not recommended for sensitive information. It is best used for non-sensitive activities, such as online sign-ups, where privacy is still important but not essential.

  • No, it is recommended to generate a new temp mail address for each use to ensure maximum privacy and security.

  • The service of has a good reputation which offers a user-friendly interface and provides adequate security measures. Read our reviews and enjoy the world's #1 temp mail service here.

Awesome Features

Disposable temporary email protects your real email address from spam, advertising mailings, malwares.

What Is Temp Mail or Disposable Email?


TM-Mail is a free, temp mail/disposable email service. Temp Mail provides a reliable and secure way for users to protect their online identity. Through its disposable email service, one can create separate temporary email accounts for their online activities, ranging from online shopping to register for social media. With our Temp Mail service, you can also make customized email addresses for verification. This way, you can maintain a clean and organized main email account.